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Get your orders out quickly

Lastmal helps online and offline businesses to complete deliveries in a simple and efficient way, anywhere within West Africa

How Lastmal Works

From store restocking to direct-to-customer order deliveries, we enable you to out-deliver the competition and delight customers.

Set up

Sync all your orders and
easily manage in one place


Get the efficient delivery operations
service from one platform


Ensure real time updates for a great
experience to your customers

Delivery is hard!

Messy delivery can sink your business

Delayed deliveries damage your brand image

Damaged deliveries cause significant financial loss

Manual delivery scheduling wastes valuable time

Don't let it!

Access delivery partners who deliver on commitments

Schedule & automate recurring orders from customers

Customized solutions and pricing options that fit your delivery size.

Deliver a great experience to keep your customers coming back

Stay ahead of the competition by partnering with the affordable B2B distribution provider to improve delivery speeds, reduce costs, and out-deliver on your customers expectations.

Logistics Expertise

Courier Services

We aggregate well rated logistics companies and adequately vetted individuals so that you can get started immediately with your deliveries. No integration work needed

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Robust Integrations

Technologies integrated with Lastmal provide a comprehensive, seamless stack for online and offline retailers to easily connect and accept all forms of payments

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